The Heights Life


What exactly is, “Happening in the Heights?”

There are many good reasons why people like to linger in Peoria Heights….

Peoria Heights truly stands apart from your typical town. There’s something very special here!! A vision for the future. A foundation in history. And a current scene that’s equally as diverse as it is delightful.

Peoria Heights is a place with a distinct atmosphere, loaded with opportunities for all to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. From singles to families, from small businesses to career climbers.

  • Businesses — that provide a local, friendly feel and outstanding “small town” personal service.

  • Services — counseling needs, health clinics, physical therapy centers, hair and nail salons, personal accountants, copy and printing, landscaping companies, realtors, insurance agencies, web design, internet providers and much more.

  • Shopping — style and fashion, gourmet olive oils, progressive gifts, home furniture and decor, new and used books, screen printed tee-shirts, flower arrangements, specialty coffees, custom frames, flags and party supplies, uniquely blended fragrances, and much more.

  • Dining — quality wines, steak and seafood, local pizzerias, sport’s bars, breweries, sandwich shops, ice cream parlors, fine chocolatiers, delicious cuisine, exquisite dining experiences, elegant feasts and much more.

  • Starting a Business — many have found that listing their business as “in The Heights” lends a patina of prestige and positive response that is unlike anywhere else.

  • Raising a Family — with a fantastic grade school and high school, a substantially lower than national median crime rate, a well administered village government, as well as an outstanding centrally located Police and Fire Department. Peoria Heights is a beloved spot for making a home in a peaceful, beautiful environment.

  • History — exemplary leadership in a variety of fields and a rich heritage gives Peoria Heights a proud stamp of distinction.

  • Tourism — two historical observation towers, a mysterious castle, expansive bike trails alongside an old train track, annual street events, a spectacular view of Illinois River, and the legendary Grand View Drive with it’s elaborate mansions and public picnic areas. 

The Peoria Heights Chamber is deeply committed to being progressive, not only in business growth, but also in expanding awareness of Peoria Heights as a forward-thinking, up & coming community. We are an AMAZING village with EXCELLENT leaders, LOVELY people, AMPLE opportunities, and ENDLESS potential.  Thank you for your continued love and support!!

History of The Heights

 Spun from an intricate web of fun, fascinating facts, the legacy of Peoria Heights is something of which one can rightly be proud of.

  • Began as Prospect Heights Land Company in the 1890’s, but was changed to Peoria Heights when it was discovered that there was already a Prospect Heights in the suburbs of Chicago.

  • Prospect Heights Hotel was a favorite hangout. A Hungarian orchestra played every night as the house band until the hotel  burned down in the summer of 1894. Some feel the evocative strings of that beautiful music still resonate somehow from the iconic pavilion that no longer exists.

  • Alfresco Amusement Park (built in 1906) offered a lot of fun rides along with a giant Ferris wheel, but was closed down after World War II due to problems with flooding, as it was located near the Illinois river.

  • Rouse, Hazard & Company bicycle manufacturer (1896) built high quality bikes sold throughout the world in the heyday of Peoria’s internationally acclaimed bicycle race track and championships.

  • Peoria Rubber & Manufacturing produced the Duryea automobile, the first gasoline powered car to be developed.

  • President Teddy Roosevelt, upon beholding the view of Illinois lake from Grand View Drive, called it the, “World’s Most Beautiful Drive.”  A local radio station took it’s call letters from this phrase: WMBD.

  • Pabst Brewing Company had it’s world headquarters and bottling plant here in Peoria Heights from 1934-1982. The old brick factory is still in existence today.

Prospect Heights Hotel
Destroyed by fire in 1899.
Photo: Mrs. E.J. Brayton.




Things to Do That Are “Happening in the Heights”

Looking for things to do? Peoria Heights offers creative events and scenic views that are sure to please your whole family. We are the perfect place for any occasion, outing or interest. 

Something or other is going on all year long. Whether you enjoy art, live music, parades, beer/wine tasting, parades, outdoor picnics, or just strolling down beautiful street….The Village of Peoria Heights is THE PLACE TO BE!!

Enjoy Family Oriented Activities in Peoria Heights

Some of the things the public can get involved in, as a participant or spectator, include:

  • Peoria Heights Community Band concerts (practices held at Peoria Heights Congregational Church).

  • Free outdoor street fairs, music performances, craft shows, and art displays by outstanding local artists.

  • Tower Park Music Fest a free, outdoor concert series that runs every week throughout the month of August.

  • Veterans Day and Fall Parades.

  • Picnics, sand volleyball, hiking, and open baseball diamond at Grand View Drive Park, part of Illinois River Rd.

  • Chamber/Village “Insta-Pic” Challenge. Details/link to come soon.

  • Forest Park Nature Center— a 540-acre nature preserve with 7 miles of wonderful hiking trails, a natural history museum and bird observation room.

  • Country Club of Peoria— established in 1897, rebuilt in 1920 after a fire, with a championship 18 hole par 72 golf course that hosts the annual Maui Jim Invitational and the Grand View Invitational tournaments.

  • 2nd Friday’s Art Exhibits takes place in the Height’s business district, featuring original art by local artists, starting at 4pm.

General Information

The Village of Peoria Heights - Government

Peoria Heights Police Dept. - Public Safety

Peoria Heights Fire Dept. - Public Safety

Peoria Heights Public Works - Public Service

Peoria Heights Water Dept. - Water Service

PHCUSD #325 - Public Education

Peoria County Health Dept. - Public Safety

Ameren Illinois - Gas & Electric Service

G&O Disposal - Waste Disposal & Recycling

City Link - Public Transportation

Words From Our Patrons

“Come see what’s Happening in the Heights!”

*As a Chamber member, you feel highly valued, like an integral part of a support network that keeps Peoria Heights flourishing and it’s people feeling encouraged, enlightened and entertained.”

“Go visit ’em once, you won’t forget it!”

“You’ll sense an ambiance and mood that is quite extraordinary. You immediately feel and see why so many are enchanted with this village and it’s people. It’s hard to think of a more pleasant place to shop, raise a family, or start a business.”

“When you say, we’re located in Peoria Heights or hey, let’s try that new place in Peoria Heights….people like hearing that.”

“Those who live near Peoria Heights grab any opportunity to enter its cozy environment — full of interesting stores, fun nightlife, sensational restaurants, intriguing landmarks, and friendly people.”

“Stroll. Shop. Sit. Sip. Savor. And Share. Enjoy the mystique of  The Heights.”

“Soak up that unusual aura.”

“It’s entirely possible, and not merely conjectural – you just might decide to stay for a lifetime.”

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